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A solution with a glance on future

Welcome to Klinik Sankt Moritz, the first entirely digital clinic in the world.

Our medical services are addressed to dynamic, aware, contemporary people, determined to grant themselves and their loved ones the highest standards in medical supervision, so as to enhance their body and prevent entering potential areas of risk for their health at any time and anywhere.

Our revolutionary solutions, based on the use of cutting-edge technologies and vision, lead us to the creation of the Digital Twin, our common ally in protecting your health.


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Prometheus, the Digital Twin of your loved ones

We grant your relatives a longer and auto-sufficient life by collecting their health data: we create their Digital Twin, so as to prevent them from entering into areas of risk.
AI and 5G will protect them starting today.

Subscription fee: € 524 + €38/month (shipping fees included)

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The Digital Twin is your game-changer in protecting your parents’ health.

Daily updated data, motivating the User towards a healthier lifestyle, available 24/7 for you to consult too.

A Digital Twin is the virtual representation of a physical person. The digital component is connected with the physical one in a continuous exchange of data, such as medical records, prescribed drugs as well as:


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Everything under control: medications, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.

Monitoring your parents’ health has never been so easy, regardless of the distance.
Intervening on healthy patients: this is the innovation.

A smart scale allowing to keep track of weight and body mass.
A smart water bottle with an alert indicating when it is time to re-hydrate.

The digital twin allows your parents to be monitored by other physicians too.

Klinik Sankt Moritz will, furthermore, analyse the Digital Twins aimed at the early diagnosis of cancer by using multidisciplinary and contemporary parameters, without sharing, copying or giving anyone access to these health data.

Entering their health data into the dashboard will become a simple routine for your parents, changing their lifestyle and motivating them towards a very important goal: keeping up with a soft physical activity: walking 10,000 steps a day.

10,000 steps a day to fight Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, arythmia, insomnia, to safeguard the pelvic floor function and keep the body healthy and active. Less than 2 hours of physical activity a day to keep your parents active, with no need for a caregiver.

Prometheus is the Titan who discovered technology, this time it will help you and your loved ones.

Protect your parents by equipping them with the world’s most advanced healthcare solution. A telephone company and a Swiss clinic, together, will carry out the most advanced prevention program ever.

Tiscali and Klinik Sankt Moritz: the team protecting your parents and granting them healthier and happier silver years.

Choose now the best possible future for your parents.

* In case of sudden unavailability of the depicted products, they may be replaced by products with the same value, features and certifications. Healthcare-related products may undergo sudden shortages or become unavailbale during a pandemic.


LINK to official italian page

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