Experienced Physician and Highly Skilled Public Health Specialist in Secondary and Tertiary healthcare level ( in-bed patients, tertiary prevention of diseases), both, out-bed as well as stationary in-bed, daycare stationery, ambulatory, inpatient. Currently, it is a mix of types of care. (Clinical Center), Still, ( over 17 years ) Expert in Hospital Healthcare, workforce, quality and accreditation, clinical departments organizing, General hospital services evaluating, and medical informatics. Expert in matters of Health Services, Hospital Payments, and insurance. Plans planning with an accent on efficiency. Certified project Appraisal and Project Implementation ( EPCD), and Organizational Transactional Analysis. Psychotherapist. Expert in Healthcare Systems, and Hospital consulting with 15-year experience.Fluent in English and western Balkan languages. Worked at every level of Serbian Healthcare Institutions. Highly skilled in Health economics s, Clinical pathways, Hospital -bed healthcare, and European Health Demographic Health State of Art.

My experience is in health policy and management, project coordination, project and program implementation, planning, evaluation, oral health, preventive health, promotion, health system, and strategic health care management. I have excellent networking, negotiation, and coordination skills. I would like to rich full professional potential and to make a positive impact on all issues related to health.

Energizer: Open, upbeat, and outgoing. Enjoy a fast-paced environment and having fun. Like to share all information, especially ‘good news’. Can make quick decisions based on their ‘gut.’ Always able to see the potential in situations. Diffuse conflict with humor. See the ‘big picture’ and share vision effectively with others. Like working in teams. Enjoys the competition.

Specialties: MD, GP, full licensed Public Health Specialist (PHS), ( MHPM, HR, HP, TA Advisor, OTA Certified (Organizational TA psychotherapist), Social Engineer (DRG implementation expert), OTA. Researcher. Ph.D. degree.