Personalised predictive medicine

Covid 19

Data are our weapon against Covid-19

Everyone’s DNA is different: it’s like a lottery ticket. But not all evils come to harm: the genetic lottery can have unexpectedly positive results. People suffering from thalassaemia, for example, are immune to malaria; people suffering from type 1 diabetes, on the other hand, are more resistant to Ebola… and what characteristics do people resistant to Covid-19 have?

Also, concerning vaccines: how long do the antibodies remain in the blood? And are there any differences between one person and another?

Antibodies don’t stay in the bloodstream forever on all kind of patients. This is true for those who have suffered from the covid disease and even more true for those who have had the vaccine.

Follow us into digital medicine, the next frontier of medicine.

Digital Medical Certificates

Choose the laboratories accredited with Klinik Sankt Moritz and and have your data certified and available for any authority requiring to verify them.

Asclepius, Klinik Sankt Moritz’s artificial intelligence system, is at your service to collect your health data and try to answer the question, “who is protected from Covid-19?”

Asclepius will inform you about any upcoming results from the latest research on Covid, carried out also thanks to your data.

The research will be carried out in Klinik Sankt Moritz’s circuit and your personal data will not be made available to anyone outside it.

We may share aggregate research results to protect as many people as possible.

Protect your health, boost your research, and start travelling again.



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Personalised predictive medicine

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