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Digital Colonoscopy

Non-invasive remote colon cancer screening.

A complex blood test that can be done anywhere in the world.

The result inserted in an advanced artificial intelligence that generates a mathematical model.

A doctor who interprets the mathematical model and makes his diagnosis, with predisposition, risk and eventual staging.

Without pain
Without sedation
Without wasting time
Wherever you are
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The Digital Twin protecting your health.

What is a Digital Twin?
A Digital Twin is a digital version of one’s body. A revolution in medicine, since it allows to analyse the user’s health status in real time remotely, providing an unprecedented amount of complete and interrelated medical information.

How do we create your Digital Twin?
By collecting a very wide range of health data from your previous medical records, from state-of-the-art LIVE! Apps and Devices and from the results of molecular medicine screenings, including -omics sciences and the study of microbiota.

How can the Digital Twin improve your health?
Such a detailed image of your Digital Twin provides our Artificial Intelligence and physicians with the information to keep your health parameters at an optimal level and protects you by intercepting in advance any trends diverging from it and potentially leading to risk areas.

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Personalised predictive medicine