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Track your parents’ health parameters constantly from remote through a single control panel
Monitor the health status of your parents to prevent them from entering areas of risk
Discover Prometheus, the Digital Twin

An innovative way to monitor health
For the first time, it is possible to monitor the human body in a dynamic and continuous way

Heartbeat – Blood pressure – Body temperature – Respiratory rate – Body mass index – Hydration – Blood oxygenation – Weight – Alerts via App

Protect yourself and your loved ones with Prometheus
A Digital Twin is the virtual copy of a person, exchanging data with it in continuous and synchronous mode.

The Digital Twin’s aim is to identify the signs indicating the possible onset of a disease, so as to assist you in modifying them and avoid, defeat, delay its course or, at the latest, to allow an early diagnosis.

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How does it work?
The Digital Twin has three main data sources:

–    Medical records
All previous medical records, either paper or digital documents

–    Live!
App and Devices collecting real-time physiological and physical activity data

–    Molecular Medicine
-omics sciences and microbioma

Intelligent Monitoring
Products included in the Prometheus subscription:

Withings Body plus Bluetooth Scale
Provides a complete picture of your body composition to help you make smarter choices which can have a significant impact on achieving your weight and fitness goals.

Hydratespark bluetooth water bottle
Stainless steel, vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and our smart LED sensor lights up to remind you when it’s time to drink and tracks water intake by syncing via Bluetooth

Butterflife Vital Signs Monitor
A product that, quickly and easily, records the physiological signals allowing our patented algorithm and certified medical device class IIa to calculate your vital signs.

The advantages of Prometheus
The Digital Twin is an extraordinary health tool for two reasons. The first: it collects, in a dynamic a continuous mode, an unprecedented amount of data, especially on healthy patients; the second: it  allows the user to understand they have an active role in determining the numbers appearing on their personal health dashboard.

Achieving awareness allows the user to gradually modify behaviors, daily routines, lifestyle and epigenetics.

Classic devices only monitor:
Heart rate – Blood pressure – Oxygenation

New devices only monitor:
Sleep – Steps – Blood pressure without a cuff

Prometheus monitors:
Heart rate – Blood pressure – Body temperature – Respiratory rate – Blood oxygenation – Weight – Body Mass Index – Hydration – APP Alerts

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“The use of the Digital Twin in medicine is the greatest revolution in healthcare in decades.”
All your vital parameters in one place.

Klinik Sankt Moritz is the first clinic to create the Digital Twin of healthy patients, constantly recording their health parameters. Studying the data the Digital Twin is built from prevents the user from entering areas of risk for their health.

The Digital Twin becomes ‘the medical record 6.0′: the collected data are intertwinned and read in parallel continuously, offering a broader and more dynamic view of your parents’ health status at any time.

How does this service work?
The Digital Twin is an encrypted database and the data is “graphed”. Triglecerides will not be shown in numbers but as a curve over time. This curve might be juxtaposed to the weight curve for a compared analysis.

The water bottle, scale, and medication reminder form three curves determing different scenarios, such as: whether you are drinking enough or if you’re having water retention or if you are taking your medication when hydrated enough.

This data are accessible, in whole or in part, to caregivers or relatives upon authorisation by our patient.

 Collect All your information in one dashboard

Artificial intelligence systems grant 24/7 monitoring. In the event of an abnormality, a warning is sent to a Klinik Sankt Moritz Medical Doctor.
The Medical Doctor, out of their experience, evaluates the warning and takes action.

The intertwinned data provide our Medical Doctors with new insights daily. The same data provide our patients with awareness on how their actions affect their results daily.

Digital Medicine comes to life with Prometheus

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