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After several months of design, prototyping and production, a disruptive product is put on the market, displayed on a website and sold via e-commerce.

This only works for giga-companies and in the movies.

The prerequisites for an easy win are: brand recognition, multi-million dollar campaigns, product familiar to the targeted market and, above all, a well-known product type.

In digital medicine and digital therapeutics, i.e. the digitisation of healthcare, things are unfortunately a bit harder than in the basic commodities market.

Every new solution or product, in fact, has probably seen the light for the first time in history and is unknown to the consumers.

When pioneering, nobody has a hint on the new frontiers you’ve reached.

Your potential patient/user/customer doesn’t know your product even exists.

Maybe, by pure chance, they find you but they wonder whether the product is as reliable as it seems.

My name is Sergio d’Arpa, founder of Klinik Sankt Moritz, the first Clinic in the world to create the Digital Twin in healthcare, and I know the above very well.

The Digital Twin can connect to every device or App on the market, including yours.

Klinik Sankt Moritz, with our Power e-commerce service, offers you the two essentials on the internet: visibility and authority. 

We certify your product as ‘Digital Twin compatible’, making it a resident product of Klinik Sankt Moritz.

We write articles about it, explaining its use and functions from different points of view, e.g. that of the elderly user, of the heart patient, of the pregnant woman and of the hypertensive patient, of the sportsman or those following a weight-loss programme.

We interview your scientific committee, your board and your investors.

We certify the degrees and CVs of your medical researchers.

All underlying scientific publications and patents will feature in the scientific literature area, including links to the product, your scientists, your board and your investors.



Search engines rank the search results by specific criteria: they determine the importance of a website based on specific parameters.

Some search logics are patented, hence public, others are covered by trade secret.

What is known is that the artificial intelligence of search engines analyses contents to assess their originality and source, i.e. whether they are written by humans or by other artificial intelligences.

The more articles refer to your product and analyse it from different perspectives and with different spins, the more value Google gives to your contents by increasing their visibility.

Contents cause visibility, but if they are only available on your own website, visibility is much lower: your site must be linked from third-party sites.

The site of a Swiss clinic is an authoritative source because it has a scientific approach. A scientific authority choosing your product/service adds extra value in respect to a journalistic or sponsored article.

To provide authority, a journalistic service must be published on websites with more than 10 million visitors/month.

One of our partners has 16 million visitors/month in Italy. An English version of these articles is also available by scrolling down the page.



Sponsored (paid) advertisements also help visibility but, regardless the amount invested in advertising, if a query on search engines only finds your personal website and a few old interviews, your ranking will still be very low and you will not be deemed very authoritative.

Instead, if many websites, scientific research and patents make reference to your name, the advertisement will boost your online authority, with a considerable increase in redemption.


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