Remote Colonoscopy

Digital colonoscopy

A Digital colonoscopy is the interpretation of the results of specific, targeted, blood tests thanks to an Artificial Intelligence system capable of assessing whether you are at risk of colo-rectal cancer and/or the staging of an ongoing formation, even in its earliest phases.

A non-invasive, maximum precision test.

Klinik Sankt Moritz processes health data for the most effective disease prediction.

After doing the prescribed blood tests at your own expense in your trusted lab, anywhere in the world, type the results into your Digital Twin and receive the Medical Doctor’s report wherever you are.
The purchase of Digital Colonoscopy includes the activation of the Prometheus service (devices not included).

The data contained in the Health App of your smartphone will be collected and analysed by our Artificial Intelligence systems for one year. To get the full Prometheus service, you will only have to pay the setup fee of € 524 to receive the relevant devices

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