Remote Cancer Screening

Remote colonoscopy to disrupt medical standards in prevention

The word ‘colonoscopy’ has the sole purpose of underlining the targeted investigation area.
Our innovative screening technique has, in fact, nothing to do with any colon cancer screening technique known to date.

Physical examination of the colon now has an alternative

Klinik Sankt Moritz has developed a new screening technique based on the combined interpretation of several cancer markers with the application of regression statistics to our Artificial Intelligence

This procedure allows detection of a starting or present colorectal cancer and its stadiation starting from the earliest phases.

Survival rate after 5 years after removal of a stage 1 colon cancer is 100%.

At stage 5, survival rate drops to 6%.

Early diagnosis is crucial.

Our method interprets the results of specific, targeted blood tests.

This results in:
Reduction of examination time from 2 days to a few seconds
Zero impact on your daily schedule
Non-invasive technique
Higher precision diagnosis
Also available in domiciliary mode

Protect your future by eliminating the risk of the second leading cause of death in the world.

A fully-digital, confidentiality-compliant service for your loved ones and/or key figures

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The purchase of a Remote cancer screening service activates your Digital Twin.

Stop procrastinating, get your screening now.

From: 100.00 / month for 12 months


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