Metabolomics is considered the screening for otherwise unsolved problems in medicine. Klinik Sankt Moritz uses it to improve your abilities, moving back the hands of the clock before any disaster.

Discover, understand, improve sooner.

Improve health, prevent and enhance your physical and mental abilities.

DNA as the key to shelter you and your offspring.

Follow us into digital medicine, the next frontier of medicine.

It is suggested to combine MetaB CHECK with DNA check.
DNA check Plus includes an annual fee for data management.

common questions

We offer traditional services with a new approach or combined with new technologies.
Second opinions allow you to find the most suitable specialist for your needs.
Omics sciences are used in medicine as a resource to approach unresolved problems. The best available second opinion.
Back pain is evaluated in a combined analysis from remote, monitoring body and foot position as well.
Lipogems, a new protocol based on the fat regrowth factor to restore the knee functioning naturally.
Oncology, dealt with with precision genetic techniques. Omics sciences allow us to monitor the behavior of the patient’s body to keep it at its maximum capacity to overcome any unforeseen event.

Yes. Thanks to -Omics sciences (such as gen-omics and metabol-omics), with a small amount of blood and urine, which can be easily collected at yor home or office and shipped with an express courier, it is possible to carry out the most advanced screenings in the world without requiring you to visit a medical facility.
We select express couriers that guarantee a food grade cold chain (-20 C°) and delivery within 70 hours, all over the world.

We collect patients’ data out of the Screenings and, constantly, from our Medical bubbles. These data flow in our armored heart, called Mission Control. Our Artificial Intelligence, Asclepius, reads them and provides alert parameters to our Physicians.

In lack of any specifical alert, our Physicians read your data once every two months, from remote, without requiring you to interrupt your activities.
Other scientists screen your anonimysed data every day, to study new data interactions and future algorithms for Asclepius. This way you are also protected with new discoveries and publications.

We are a Clinic, not a computer Company. Big Tech Companies may sell your data, the ones they automatically collect every day from your smartphone. We do medical studies and scientific research on the data, but we do not sell them.

Personalised Predictive Medicine.
By collecting a wide range of data -not only clinical ones- we can predict adverse events and offer the medicine of the future, tailored for the patient, today.

Personalised predictive medicine