Learn About Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a digital copy of you, a copy made of data. It resembles your medical record, but the data is brought to life, meaning it is compared over time.

Klinik Sankt Moritz offers 5 Digital Twins as listed here. For the complete features of the 5 Digital Twins, there is a book available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited format, approximately 120 pages long. Considering the clinics and doctors who use them for follow-up, longevity doctors, doctors and personal trainers for enhancement, the 700,000 devices on the market, and the over 2 million apps for sale, in addition to various regenerative medicine protocols, the Digital Twins are fully customizable depending on the phase that the healthy patient is going through; the Digital Twins are infinite.

It is possible to immediately purchase a Digital Twin, but it is recommended to consult one of our partners to obtain a highly personalized protocol for better effectiveness.

St Moritz ONE
normally 8452 CHF
CHF 7550
per year
limited time offer
The first Digital Twin to collect initial data but with luxury devices.

Easy Colon
normally 2140 CHF
CHF 1950
per year
limited time offer
The first AI-performed colon cancer screening. A blood sample replaces a bothersome and invasive exam preceded by a terrible diet.

Digital Twin Sport
normally 10214 CHF
CHF 9270
per year
limited time offer

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For just €2.77 or included with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


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