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Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a digital copy of yourself, created from your health data. The more data are collected, the more precise the image.
The data in your Digital Twin are analysed by several Artificial Intelligence systems to discover the trends in your health. It has three kinds of alerts:
Tip: a minimal negative trend to be managed with small lifestyle changes.
Warning: a negative trend to be managed in collaboration with a physician who receives the same alert.
Red Alert: a negative trend indicating proximity to a probable acute condition.
‘Healthcare is recognized as an industry being disrupted by the digital twin technology’.
Klinik Sankt Moritz presents the Digital Twin: the systemic medicine of the 4Ps for those who seek optimisation of their time.
A simple and immediate way to keep track of your health.
The Digital Twin has three main data sources:
Medical records
All previous medical reports, in hard or digital copy, even dating back in time.
Apps and Devices collecting physiological and physical activity data in real time.
Molecular Medicine.
Exam reports related to omics sciences and microbiome analysis.
Improve your health wherever you are with the Digital Twin. Your body, the perfect machine, has finally its own dashboard.

Prometheus the first Digital Twin

Digital Colonoscopy the Digital Twin for Colonoscopy

Personalised predictive medicine