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Our mission is to provide personalised predictive medicine worldwide. We do this from remote, by harnessing the potential of the ultimate in technology. 

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Klinik Sankt Moritz, the first fully-digital Clinic in the world

Klinik Sankt Moritz selects and tests the ultimate, cutting-edge medical and wellness devices, examinations and apps and merges them into a series of different, specific combinations, called ‘medical bubbles’.

To provide personalised treatment, in fact, analytic knowledge of the patient is mandatory. However, early, in-depth, assessment of healthy patients will result in a healthier lifestyle, not requiring any treatment at all.

Medical Bubbles

Our ‘medical bubbles’ aim to protect our patients from different kinds of risks or to help them to enhance their body performance. We do this by combining the output data of the tools each bubble is made of and by monitoring and analysing them with both artificial intelligence and human, medical expertise.

The dawn of digital health, medicine's last frontier

Personalised predictive medicine

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