Klinik Sankt Moritz Augmented Longevity through digital twin

By collecting your biometric data, we construct your Digital Twin to predict future adverse events.
Create your digital twin for your Augmented Longevity

We have enhanced telemedicine with artificial intelligence and personalized medicine to create the future of medicine, which is customized.

Every goal of yours will be studied down to the molecular level to develop the best protocol that will lead you to your goal for many years to come.

/Longevity, with style

Top style

Best devices and all metabolomics check for better longevity
/sport, over 40

best perfomance over

Device and check for better performance over 40 and over
/Hearth, survivor

Fall in love again

Heart attack survivor can live like before but need a special check 24/7
/cancer, survivor

life is in your hands

You needs only some better sniper check your blood often

The Digital Twin has data from Device & App

Three main data sources: Devices, Apps and Molecular Medicine
Collects your epigenetic data and becomes the logbook of your lifestyle. The data of the Digital Twins come from devices, apps, molecular medicine, analyses, and medical records.

In real-time or delayed, artificial intelligences, doctors, and scientists, locally or around the world, are constantly verifying that your digital biomarkers align with your goals.

Furthermore, the ongoing data collection allows for the search for new digital biomarkers and the inclusion of new ones to enhance predictive capacity.

Change Your Epigenetics

How tall you are is genetic. How much you weigh is epigenetic. You can't do anything about height, but you can do everything about weight.
86% of diseases are due to epigenetics. Epigenetics is also defined as lifestyle. The Digital Twin automatically records your lifestyle without any effort. It's time to become the hero of yourself.

Initially, we wanted to fight sudden death.

Over 80% of diseases are easily preventable. The only super-villain who doesn't want them prevented is laziness.
If we have to look for a super-villain, perhaps we should look more at the food industry than the pharmaceutical industry. Our laziness is killing us faster and faster; we don't even cook popcorn anymore.
A Digital Twin for every need
Our doctors are well aware of the potential of the Digital Twin and are updated monthly on new developments. They are capable of constructing the solution to improve and support you.
The Digital Twin in your home
Not only do we send it to your home, but we also have a global network of autonomous certified MedTech Specialists that you can contact at any time, ready to come to your residence.