Eliminating sudden illness.

All diseases have a history.

We collect data from our healthy patients continuously  to build their digital twin.

By studying the digital twin, we prevent you from entering risk zones. Thanks to your Big Data, we can predict many diseases and, at the latest, intervene with an early diagnosis.

Artificial Intelligence and 5G connectivity now bring great outcomes for you.

Klinik Sankt Moritz, the first fully-digital Clinic in the world

What data.

The good old medical records.

By uploading your previous medical records and relevant dates, you and us will see how your digital twin has changed over time.


All the Apps and Devices available on the market can be connected to our Asclepius protocol. We constantly collect data ranging from sleep hours to body hydration through the electrocardiogram.

Asclepius creates the digital twin, protects it and connects it with several artificial intelligence systems, with our doctors and other scientists without ever sharing personal data.

Molecular Screenings

With the -omics sciences, by examining only 1 ml of your blood, that can be easily collected and mailed from anywhere in the world, we’ll get to know very much about your health.

Digital Twin

Why the digital twin

Used by NASA since 2010 for Space Shuttles spacecrafts, the digital twin is currently used for several purposes, ranging from architecture to industrial applications. Healthcare is going to be the most revolutionary field of application, since it is now possible to collect a wide range of data in a short time to create the person’s digital twin, providing a complete overview on our complex body, which, so far, had only been investigated from specific, specialistic, points of view.

This is going to be the biggest revolution: interconnected data, such as heart rate linked to temperature, can let us know whether the patient has caught a cold or a virus.

We already know a lot of the interconnected data but we will probably discover many more than we know today over time.

The digital twin outlives its physical alter ego and can continue protecting their offspring.

The dawn of digital health, medicine's last frontier

Personalised predictive medicine