Learn About GYM

Boost the strength of your clients with the most advanced enhancement solutions.

You will be able to offer medical services in collaboration with a clinic that will allow your clients to enter longevity programs.

Our protocols are studied, tested, and continuously updated to improve the performance of pilots racing in Dakar to Formula 1.

The best support for sustaining intensive training. The Digital Twin records all physical activity, body changes, and thanks to molecular medicine, we can choose how to precisely identify the personalized training suited for the client.

The Digital Twin, by constantly monitoring all data including diet, supplements, body conformation, and metabolic behavior, always suggests the best adaptation based on your personal trainers and your products and services.

High-level training with corresponding certification for your personal trainers For graduated Personal Trainers, a First Level Master's degree is available For the doctors on your staff, a Second Level Master's degree is available.