Learn About Medtech Specialist

The MedTech Specialist is an expert configurator of sports and health devices.
They are the professional of the future in a world increasingly populated by the elderly, constantly introduced to new technological innovations aimed at improving our well-being, and facing the risk of a digital divide due to constant innovation.

Our parents at home, with the possibility of having devices purchased online for their health and the impossibility of configuring them.

The Digital Twin incorporates many of these devices.

Klinik Sankt Moritz not only organizes this workforce but also trains, organizes, and certifies it after having envisioned it.

If one were to imagine a job of the future, this is it: the MedTech Specialist.

The configurator of health and sports devices.

With 500,000 devices and 2 million apps on the market, new arrivals weekly, and updates every 6 months, new skills for a new sector are required.

A Bluetooth blood pressure monitor easily creates a blood pressure log on one's phone that can be easily shared with one's doctor.

48% of the adult global population suffers from high blood pressure. 23% of those affected are unaware because they never measure their blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes 8 million deaths a year worldwide.

The MedTech Specialist is the new professional enabling the configuration of new devices towards healthy longevity.