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Expand the reach of your clinic on the map and over time. The Digital Twin offers you three advantages:

  1. Remote Pre-Hospitalization Monitoring: Start monitoring your patient remotely before hospitalization, to drastically reduce risks in the operating room. This is ideal in medical tourism before the patient begins their journey.

  2. Guaranteed Follow-Up Regardless of Distance: Increase the effectiveness of interventions and extend the time of care and assistance, even for life.

  3. Certification by a Swiss Clinic: Verification of the existence of your clinic and the qualifications of your doctors.

In a world that is becoming smaller, the Digital Twin becomes your tool to follow your patients everywhere. It becomes the instrument for applying your doctors' longevity protocols with very detailed care.

We offer various levels of training up to a Second Level Master's for your doctors. We can take care of your facility in the most precise detail, including sponsorships