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Personalized medicine, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity intertwine within digital medicine every hour, continuously renewing itself through research, new discoveries, and new regulations, generating a GIGAflow of information.

If it were an old fax machine, it would be printing paper at 200 km/h.

Impossible to read, learn, and above all, implement. Training doctors, informing patients, and proposing it.

The real revolution in the future of medicine is the concept of the future itself. If we can work on the future of the patient, it means that we can or must approach a new type of patient: the healthy patient.

An oxymoron that today many doctors consider a mistake or a figure that simply cannot exist. Either someone is sick, thus a patient, or the healthy patient does not exist.

But if we enter the world of plastic surgery and longevity, in effect, we already find the healthy patient. Healthy individuals who want to undergo surgical procedures.

In plastic surgery, routine exams are requested before the operation precisely because the patient is healthy.

Therefore, the healthy patient exists.

How does artificial intelligence enter this game?

It's still a fax printing at 200 Km/h, so it must be enclosed within something that controls it; it must become the engine of a new machine.

This new machine in medicine is the Digital Twin, where the doctor is the pilot and the clinic is the racing team.

Klinik Sankt Moritz builds Digital Twins for every need based on different protocols, longevity, performance, and follow-up, teaching your pilot how to drive it.