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"Telemedicine? No, thank you. Every time we talk about the Digital Twin, the market confuses it with telemedicine. Telemedicine is used to save on sick patients by sending them home and freeing up hospital beds.

The Digital Twin, on the other hand, enables achieving longevity and enhanced performance in healthy patients. We're tired of spending hours explaining the difference to partners, clients, healthy patients, universities, manufacturers, or anyone else we meet.

We need to explain faster, with greater speed, so we decided to be very fast. We decided to have our own racing team with our pilots and our Digital Twins to participate in an extreme race like the Dakar Rally.

We weren't very interested in our pilots' race but in their training, how their bodies change and achieve superior performances thanks to their lifestyle.

This shows that our medicine is not for the sick.

Our medicine is for those who want to live at the top.

Our medical research aims to always improve.
Even with cancer, we want to be fast, get there as soon as possible, with widespread screening in the broadest possible forms.

We are present in the top motorsport championships like Formula E, Formula 1, MotoGP, and we participate in running events and the Iron Man, among other events, obviously including the DAKAR.

Then our presence at luxury events in St. Moritz such as Snow Polo and White Turf, then the Bull Days, the Lamborghini gatherings, and VivaTech in Paris.

Moreover, all our training activities from advanced courses to Masters at universities in various countries of the world, in addition to publications for students.

A podcast that shows the data and improvements of various champions in different disciplines with different protocols.

The offer is complete for the manufacturer:

- For the healthy patient, a Digital Twin is built with a protocol that uses the manufacturer's devices
- The Digital Twin is worn by a champion of a championship, and the manufacturer's logo is displayed on the car during competitions
- The champion's data are discussed weekly during the podcast and can be used on the manufacturer's social media
- A copy of the car with the manufacturer's logo participates in various luxury events showing the features of the specific Digital Twin, possibly even the champion

During the courses, configurators, personal trainers, and doctors are trained to use the devices with different details according to the training level.

Training configurators means a specialized support network on the territory that is paid per call by the client. Creating new jobs."