Learn About Physician

Go digital. Transform years of work and experience into a protocol and incorporate it into a Digital Twin. It means that all the patients listed in your directory can now be active patients.

Making your work scalable with artificial intelligence means you can see 30,000 patients a month while visiting the world's greatest museums, which you never have time to visit.

A set of alarms on digital or non-digital biomarkers that, depending on the situation, alerts only the patient, family, caregiver, clinic, your colleagues, and finally, you.

Your method becomes a Digital Twin that is easily marketable with our SPA and GYM partners worldwide under your direct supervision.

Klinik Sankt Moritz is familiar with all the necessary technologies to support your method/protocol, and continuous scouting allows us to notify you of new updates.

For your training on the Digital Twin, a Second Level Master's degree is available.