Learn About SPA +

The complex system of artificial intelligence available to your clients through the Digital Twin, with protocols certified by doctors allowing for the multiplication of patients in real time.

With the Digital Twin, the number of patients per doctor can theoretically be infinite. With the support of adequately trained aestheticians, this limit is easily attainable.

Imagine the most advanced services of a clinic now available in your SPA without any limitations. You will be able to offer these services to all your clients around the world, freely moving them from one center to another and following them throughout the subscription period, until renewal.

Better than any loyalty program, you will be able to improve the protocol according to the changes obtained in the patient's body. An extraordinary follow-up.

You will be able to propose new solutions, products, creams, or supplements in a targeted manner by including them in the protocol your client is already following as an update.

A direct and targeted marketing like never before. You already know your clients and their consumption.

The Digital Twin will solidify every offer you make, multiplying its reach and effectiveness.

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