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You will be the one to lead the greatest revolution in medicine. The Digital Twin is the vehicle, Artificial Intelligence the engine, and you are the pilot. Klinik Sankt Moritz is the manufacturer and will simply explain to you how to drive this new vehicle, what you can do with it, and where you can go. Naturally, we will make all the modifications that your experience deems necessary.

But things will be different, very different, indeed. Drinking a glass of water in a carriage pulled by a donkey is different from drinking it in a car speeding at 300 kilometers per hour with almost G2 lateral accelerations in a curve.

You cannot get distracted, it could be fatal, and gravity works differently. But once you learn these new high-speed work modes, you can adapt your experience in super fast mode to manage thousands of patients simultaneously anywhere in the world.

With the Digital Twin, all your former patients scattered across different directories, to whom you might manage to send a Christmas greeting email, could become active patients with their entire families with a snap of your fingers.

All under your control with your mobile phone.

Not at 300 km/h, not at Mach 28, but like electrons at 3,000 km per second. Instantaneous. Such a vast amount of data that prediction will be trivial; you'll conduct advanced research in the evening from your sofa.

Every inflammation in the patient visible years in advance thanks to molecular medicine, every disease will be easily preventable. Just by monitoring the number of steps 4 weeks before any surgery, you can know the tissue oxygenation status.

Reducing the risks in the operating room of internal bleeding and predicting the quality of the scar. Just by counting steps remotely. Today, with 500,000 wearable devices, 2 million apps, molecular medicine, and artificial intelligence, you can't even vaguely imagine the tool you have in your hands.

Pre-hospitalization and follow-up from anywhere in the world, of any type and for as long as you want, including for life. Diet of any kind with any updates from anywhere for any reason. Physical activity, you can follow the movements the patient makes, how often, and how they do them with a virtual or real trainer. Longevity, any combined protocol.

You can imagine any solution you adopt being improved, and probably you can't even imagine that's why we have created 5 courses including a Second Level Master's for doctors.

Become one of our pilots.